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I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and anything rustic, so when it came to planning my own Colorado mountain wedding, it was easy to visualize the end result. Collecting everything, was not so!

I spent months finding the perfect décor. I sourced here and there, scrutinizing stores like Etsy, bridal shops, craft stores, and boutiques. One company just didn’t seem to have it all.

The stress set in once I realized I had loads of décor and the dream in my head, but no one to set it up the day of and see that my vision was fulfilled. I hadn’t even considered loading everything up to leave at the end of the night!

Luckily, we were able to pull it off, but I woke up at 6am the morning of my wedding and worked my tushie off. If only Oh My Custom Designs had existed then, it would have been the answer to my dreams.

For me, your wedding isn’t about your “theme” or any décor, it’s about your families becoming one, and the overall feel you will experience and carry in your hearts for the rest of time.

My Story

- Carly Keller

"Where do I even begin with trying to put into words how thankful I am to have found Carly? I can not imagine our wedding day without her. She was everything. Decor was 100% spot on to our style and what we were looking for. She is SO much more than a wedding coordinator. She is: planning, organizing, keeping contracts updated, decor, custom decor, cake topper, welcome signs, table setups, decor set up, decor break down, advice, reality checks, dog walker, timekeeper, angel!! She was my saving grace when everything seemed too overwhelming. Stop debating if you need a coordinator, yes you do. Stop looking for anyone else, I promise Carly is everything you need and more." Lauren M


"In the midst of this COVID world, we had to cancel our large wedding plans and shifted to an intimate wedding at our private property. Carly helped through each step of the way. Although I was skeptical, Carly quickly helped me to see the potential in the new space and she blew my mind with her attention to detail and creative mind. With her help, we turned a dirty barn into a stunningly decorated reception space. Throughout the day, thanks to Carly, I had zero stressors and she managed every vendor so I could focus. Carly, thank YOU for making my big day better than I ever imagine. If anyone is looking for a wedding coordinator or designer, call Carly. I'm serious. You will NOT be disappointed." - Katie W


Love Notes

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