Wedding Flowers - Should I DIY?!

Panicking over your floral quotes? We get it…the cost can be high for something that will be thrown away the same night.

This article will cover:

-Questions to help decide if you should DIY or buy

-My wedding experience with DIY flowers from Sams Club

-What I bought for my DIY Wedding Flowers

-Tips for DIY 'ing your own wedding flowers

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diy wedding flowers

Lets Get Started

Although DIY flowers are “on trend”, here are a few things to ask yourself when deciding between using a florist or going the DIY route…

  • How important are the flowers to you, your vision and your centerpieces?

  • How much time (realistically) will you have to put them together?

  • Will you have the needed space, tools, vases, and general know-how for putting bouquets together?

  • Are you able to accept deliveries where you will be staying? Floral deliveries are usually delivered 2-4 days before the event and need a signature upon delivery.

Whether you go the DIY route or with a professional, you should be generally flexible on your flowers. Every florist contract I’ve seen has a clause for substitutions, and most of the time the actual flowers and colors vary slightly from the floral quotes. When placing an online order From Sams, Costco or Fifty Flowers, you are also agreeing to any substitutions. For example: from “Substitution Policy: To assure optimum freshness, different varieties may be substituted based on availability.”

Now…to my personal experience of DIY’ing my own wedding flowers...

For my own wedding we spent about $450 through and bought:

  1. Assorted Greenery (8 bunches) – 2 boxes

  2. Spray Roses, White (60 count) – Used for boutineers, corsages, fillers

  3. Red Roses (Black Magic 100 Stems)

  4. Garden Roses, Light Pink Variety (36 stems)

What was made: 1 bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 6 boutineers, 5 corsages, centerpiece florals for 5 tables, florals for the cake, and a few very large arrangements we made for the entrance and cake.

Overall, I was very happy with how my DIY wedding flowers turned out!

diy wedding flowers sams club

diy wedding flowers

We had plenty of leftovers which we used to make the large arrangements with:

diy wedding flowers from sams club

Also leftovers for the reception (cake table, barrel toppers, etc.):

Tips for DIY Wedding Flowers:

If delivering to your venue or rental house I highly recommend you add to the address line:

“VENUE NAME” + Renter + “YOUR FULL NAME”. These are typically delivered 2-4 days before the wedding day.

Most floral deliveries will need someone to sign for then, so keep an eye on tracking and make sure someone is around to sign, just in case!

Although family and friends have the best intentions, they don’t always have the same vision. Keep it a tight knit group or your bridal party that takes direction well.

Absolutely DO NOT put the florals in the refrigerator at any point! I have seen florals ruin by getting too cold or touching the refrigerator walls. Just keep the flowers and greenery out of sunlight, in a cool dark place if possible.

If you have to transport your florals, leave them out of the sun and in water as long as possible. For hot summer days, I wait to set any arrangements/centerpieces out as the sun can wilt them.

Have plenty of extras – tools, pins, tape, ribbons, vases, etc.– leaving the tags on to return what you don’t use! My favorite places for floral supplies are Amazon, Joanns and Michaels.

Whatever direction you decide, remember to pull your bouquet out of the water 30 minutes before photos start so they don’t drip on the bridesmaids dresses!


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